Other Transit Enthusiast Websites - Bus and Rail Photos
   • A website run by Martin Parsons, Mike Dasher, and Ken Baker which is mainly focused on western Canada, but also has many photos from transit agencies across Canada.

Bus and Coach Photos Image Library
   • A website showcasing a variety of buses from around the world.

Bus Drawings
   • A website by Peter McLaughlin that displays his great photos and unique drawings of buses.
   • A website by Kevin Zolkiewicz which contains photos and various information mainly about the Chicago Transit Authority.

Cleanairbus Transit Page
   • Carlton Walton's website which has a huge number of transit photos from various parts of the northeastern USA (Maine to Virginia) and eastern Canada.

Kevin's Bus and Rail Page
   • An extensive website mostly dedicated to photos and information regarding Calgary Transit, but also includes pictures of coaches in Calgary and photos from Edmonton, Vancouver,  Hong Kong, Paris, and other locations.

Montreal Commuter Rail and Public Transit
   • A site that offers information on various forms of public transit in Montreal.

   • Jan Boic's website which features photos from many areas in Ontario.
   • Electric Transit Shown at its Best! A site by James P.

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