Questions and Answers
What is the purpose of this website?
   The purpose of this website is to display public transportation photos from various areas in North America.  It is also an extensive resource for information.

Who takes the pictures on this website?
   Site photographers for this website are A. Wong, Chris Der, Adrian Badaraco, M. Demers, George Prior, Kyle Windover, and M. Xiao.  Some photos on this website were taken by Kevin Lo, G. Wong, B. Dixon, D. Maandag, Mike Dasher, Jan Boic, John Braniff, Terry Ta, Denny Yip, David Lam, and Leslie Wong.

What kind of cameras do the photographers use?
   Photos on this website by A. Wong were taken with a Canon A70, and any photos taken past July 28, 2004, were taken with a Canon Digital Rebel SLR. Pictures newer than November 26, 2007 may be taken with a Canon PowerShot A720IS. Chris Der uses a Canon S30 (retired), Olympus C-750UZ, and sometimes a Canon Digital Rebel SLR.  M. Demers uses a Canon A60, M. Xiao uses a Sony DSC-P8, Leslie Wong uses a Sony DSC-P72, and Kevin Lo uses a Canon Digital Rebel SLR (formerly used a Kodak DX3900).  G. Wong uses a Canon A70 (retired) and a Canon A400, George Prior uses a Canon SD500, and Jan Boic uses a Canon A85, while John Braniff uses a Canon A75.  David Lam used a Canon Ixus 500 (retired) and now uses a Canon Powershot S2 IS, while Adrian Badaraco uses a Canon A510 and Kyle Windover uses a Sony DSC-W5.

Can I use your photos?
   If you would like to use our photos on your website or publication, please contact A. Wong for permission.

Would you display some of my pictures on your website?
   If you are able to provide many pictures of each model of bus and, if possible, of each year, a section for your transit authority will be considered.  To be a extensive section, all information must be provided.  Any pictures you may want to contribute to existing sections are accepted.

When and how do you update your website?
   As this is a hobby website, it is updated whenever time and other resources (photos, information, etc.) are available.  Each picture goes through an enhancement process which sometimes includes color adjustment and cropping, and is then watermarked.  These photos are then displayed on pages throughout this website.
   Each description and date is stored in a MySQL database and is then queried and displayed in a PHP file.

How do I submit a question to appear on this page?
   Send an email to A. Wong.

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