St. Albert Transit - 2006 New Flyer D60LF (812-818)
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St. Albert Transit received 7 New Flyer D60LFs in 2006. They feature the Caterpillar C9 engine and the Allison B500R transmission.



Date (Y-M-D)

StAT 813

St Albert 813 is seen laying over at University Transit Centre.


StAT 817

St Albert 817 is seen departing University Transit Centre on route 204.


StAT 816

St Albert 816 is seen working route 202 while southbound on 106 Street at 118 Avenue.


StAT 817

St Albert 817 is seen eastbound on 87 Avenue near 115 Street while working route 203 University.


StAT 812

St Albert 812 is seen on one of its first days in service while arriving at University Transit Centre.


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